Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Salmon & Yogurt Cucumber Salad

     Whenever I thought of making salmon I always thought it was this huge fancy long process, cause you know, salmon is kind of a fancy food right? Well I still like to think of it as a 'fancy' food :) but it is the EASIEST thing to make. No joke. 

     This meal is perfect for a Sunday dinner or for inviting friends or family over. You can impress them because you made 'fancy' salmon, but little do they know it only took you 5 minutes and about 25 minutes baking in the oven. That's it, 5 minutes is even a stretch in this case. 
Here's what you use:
Fresh Lemon or Lemon Juice
Lemon Pepper Seasoning
     Pre heat your oven to 400 degrees. Place tin foil on a pan so the clean up is even easier :) Squeeze half of a fresh lemon onto the salmon (or use lemon juice) and then sprinkle lemon pepper seasoning on it! Put in the oven and cook until the fish is flakey but not too pink, usually about 20-25 minutes. 
     The yogurt cucumber salad is very simple and easy too, it's also a perfect side to go with salmon. This recipe is inspired by my German mother in law. Whenever she makes salmon she always has some kind of side like this. I made my own healthier version and I love it just as much. 
Plain Greek Yogurt
     Cut up cucumbers, then add yogurt and dill until you like the consistency. This meal would be really yummy with some brown rice or quinoa as well. Now go impress your dinner party! 

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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Threads 4 Thought

        When I was in Hawaii for work in April I was in a Whole Foods with my sister and I happened upon these amazing workout clothes. I didn't eve know that they had clothes there! The brand is called Threads 4 Thought and I am now in love. If you know me at all you know that workout clothes make up the majority of my wardrobe so I can never pass up on a good brand!

        I recently started taking a photography class once a week and this was my first official photoshoot! I wanted to be able to show off these clothes but at the same time start learning how to use my new camera.  It definitely helps to have a model for a sister, so I utilized that perk and had her model for me! She is so talented, every picture I took was perfect. Really though, go check her out on instagram @iamhannahmariah I'm not joking when I say she is a model!

      This brand has a large variety of active wear and at reasonable prices too! Not to mention everything is super comfortable and cute!

 Go check out their website http://www.threadsforthought.com  they are having a Memorial Day Sale and everything store wide is 30% off!

Tank: Threads 4 Thought
Leggings: Threads 4 Thought
Bra: Free People
Jacket: Lululemon

Blooper ^ 

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Sunday, May 17, 2015

My First Cruise

Since I have been traveling so much I figured I may as well post about my experiences! A travel blogger if you will haha. I got to go on this trip for work can you believe it? We flew to Puerto Rico and the next day we took off to the Caribbean. Sooo amazing, everything about it. Here are some iPhone pictures I took while there. I didn't get a ton of pics but these will have to do!

 While everyone else was drinking rum punch I had myself a HUGE coconut water :) ^

 Typical foot post ^

Swimmer is Maaji and from Called to Surf, I'm obsessed (heart eye emoji) ^

I chickened out from jumping off this waterfall, I still regret it ^

 My beautiful sissy Hannah^

 Formal Night for dinner ^

The streets of San Juan Puerto Rico were amazing. ^

Brunch in San Juan.

This was our view while zipping... not bad :) ^

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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Vision Boarding

       Hi loves! How was everyone's New Year? Yeah, it's been that long since I've blogged :( Anyways, did any of you make New Years resolutions? If so, what are they? How are you planning on accomplishing them? 

      I definitely made some goals for myself, one of which is to amp up this blog thing :) Something that I just don't like about New Years resolutions is that we usually forget all about them once February comes around. IT"S ONLY BEEN ONE MONTH, common people! Just kidding, I've been just as guilty as anyone else. So... my goal is to not let that happen. 

      Setting goals is awesome and all but you really need to make step by step game plans to achieve them, otherwise it's just some huge thing that 'you'll get to eventually'. If you really want to get something done then I suggest making weekly or monthly goals that will ultimately lead to that end game goal of yours. Make it something big enough to challenge you but also something that is attainable within that week. Trust me it's harder than it seems but if you do it I promise you won't regret it. Seriously, there's nothing to loose. 

      A few weeks ago I made a some vision boards to help me be reminded of my goals. Not only is this so much fun to do, but it is really motivating as well. My boss is actually the person who inspired me to make these, so I have a set of them over my workstation in the office, as well as a set of them in my bedroom. There's a peek of what they look like below. 

We are only one month and a week into this year, lets not forget about our goals! And if you haven't made any, then it's a great time to start :) 

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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Paris Part Two

       So I know this blog has mainly been dedicated to health and fitness, but I want it to also be a little bit of a lifestyle blog as well. I just mainly want to be able to look back through my archives and have memories other than food and workouts ya know? haha. Don't get me wrong, health and fitness will always be a HUGE part of my life and will continue to be a majority of my posts, BUT my husband and I may be traveling a lot more than we thought in this upcoming year and I'm too lazy to create a whole different blog for that so this is what ya get. Hope you're ok with it :) 
      So now that we've cleared that up, I wanted to share some more pictures of our trip and trust me I regret not taking enough food pics. The sad thing is I loved ALL the food so much, taking pictures of it didn't even cross my mind until my last bite... Oops. 
 Little Orem Utah girl finally going to Europe! 

 This was about 2 blocks away from our apartment that we stayed in. 

Just being touristy and stuff. 

 Oh look! A food pic :)

 That sky though!

 Walking around the Lourve 

 Obsessed with crepes more than EVER. 

 My favorite door the whole trip (trust me there are a lot of awesome doors) 

Had to get a goofy pic in front of the door duh. Too bad the coolest part was cut off.. Phil. 

Phil and his little brother Daniel who now lives in Paris and is going to high school there, talk about a life changing experience! He's excited though that he gets to do the same thing that both of his older brothers did about 15 years earlier, so cool.

Paul Bakeries were on just about every corner in Paris. Good thing too, because it gave me plenty of chances to eat this heaven sent pistachio oversized macaroon. 

This is the only pic we have of the tiny apartment (more like a room) that we stayed in for the first half of the trip. Phil's head is at one end of the room and that wall is the other end. We both barely fit in the bed but hey, no complaints here for a free place to stay! We were out and about all day and really only came back here to sleep.

Santa has a little bit different style here in Europe. 

The most amazing stained glass I've ever seen. 

It's impossible for me to focus long enough to post all of my pictures at once, so I'll have to get around to that another time :)

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