Thursday, October 22, 2015

Versailles and Marie Antoinette's Village

Versailles is so incredible, you really can spend hours upon hours just wandering around the gardens and never get bored of it. We went with my mom, sister and Phil's mom while we were in Paris last month. My mom and Hannah had never been so it was quite the experience for them. 
Full view of the palace thanks to this piece of mirror art ^

Isn't she perfect? ^ 

Phil with his cute and very tall German Mamma! ^
Just one of the countless gardens to be discovered here ^

The Maven herself, aka my mother ^ @mavenofmoksha 

Phil wearing his American School of Paris sweatshirt ^

My fave shot from Marie Antoinette's Village ^

Love him ^
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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

A Night in Paris

My family came to visit me in London and we just had to make the quick trip over to Paris while they were here. Rough life right? Well here are a few pics that I captured from our first night there. Still working on the whole photography thing :). 

You really just can't get a bad picture of that building can you? ^

This was one of the first sight we saw after coming up from the Metro, I think it made a great first impression on my little sister as it was her first time there. #obsessed ^

 Phil's go-to meal in the Latin Quarter by Notre Dame. I don't even like lamb but I couldn't help but pick at this while Phil wasn't looking ;). ^

 Caught in the act. ^

iphone pic ^ 

We took soooo many pictures while we were here that I'll be breaking up the days and not jamming everything into one blog post like I normally would! 

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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Exploring Notting Hill

    Living 30 minutes away from London definitely has its perks :) I am working a few hours a week but I definitely have a lot of free time while I am out here and I am trying to take full advantage of that. The other day I went into London and wanted to see all of the beautiful sights and colors in Notting Hill. It's a little surreal when you only see pictures of something and then actually get to see it in real life. I was sure happy that I brought my camera along. Honestly I'm not the best photographer, and I have no clue how to edit a single picture besides the enhance button on iphoto haha! That being said, I'm pretty sure that London is pretty enough without any editing, even with my beginner photography skills. After this little adventure I  am quite certain that I belong in one of these homes one day!

Which one would you live in? I'm loving the Royal Blue one! ^

Flowers are everywhere here and it's my most favorite thing. I really need to go buy a vase for our flat (apartment) so I can actually buy some before winter is here. ^

The cutest flower shop ^

I swear the city makes cute little scenes like this for the fun of it. ^

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Friday, September 25, 2015

Wensel's in Wales

Since we are living in England, we are trying to take advantage of our proximity to the rest of Europe (at least as much as we can with Phil's work schedule). This was our first weekend trip besides London of course. We rented a car and braved the left hand side of the road and drove to another country... only a 3 hour road trip by the way! You see what I mean when I say proximity? 

Wales was beautiful, we stayed in a town called Swansea and then drove around all day to see all of the different coastal views, mostly from giant cliffs! Amazing views were everywhere! 

 Small town on our way called Usk ^ 

 We actually got lost in Usk but we were pretty happy about it.. at least I was, I don't know about Phil and his pouty face haha ^ 

 Phil and his co-worker Skyler who came with us, also who we have to thank for basically all of these pictures :) ^

Happy Weekend my friends! It's actually supposed to be sunny over here so I'm pretty excited :)

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Thursday, August 6, 2015

We made it to LONDON!!

     We flew into the London Heathrow airport on Saturday morning! I can't believe we will be living here for the rest of the year. We are just 30 minutes west of London in a town called Reading (pronounced Redding). It all seems so unreal to me still. 
     I've been into the city twice since getting here. First with my husband Phil and then yesterday with my friend Mairin and some of her family who are here visiting. It's been a BLAST already and I am loving every second of it. I've probably never walked more in my life. That being said I probably still haven't walked off all of the delicious sweets I've been eating.. oops. See incredible doughnut picture below. 
   I wanted to share a few pics from our (I want to say trip but it's not really a trip) stay so far.  They are all just iPhone pictures so not the best quality, I'm hoping to get my real camera out for our next trip to the city.  


Our little flat ^

Not a good pic of me but who cares when that is the BACKGROUND!!?

 Buckingham Palace ^ There was a bike race going on through Hyde Park so it was soooo busy, we'll be back on a less crowded day hopefully.

 Our little train station that takes us right to Paddington Station in London.
P.S. before we came here I totally watched the Paddington Bear movie haha!

 This is his go to picture pose because he doesn't have to look at the camera and smile :) It's cute though so I'll take it.^

We joke that Phil is prince Philip, they both even spell it with only one L, how fitting ^

 This was the view I walked up to right out of the underground Westminster station, totally breathtaking

London Eye ^ 

 You bet this was my first stop after dinner, I can't pass up frozen yogurt especially if it's in a hot pink 2 story bus duh!! ^ 

 The paper money is pretty easy but the coins I'm having such a hard time with. I actually studied them today while counting all of them that we have gathered up already, all 24 pounds worth! ^ 

Mairin introduced me to these at Borough Market and I will never be satisfied with a doughnut again. 

Aaaaand my favorite picture. It happens to be a pub and they randomly serve the most delicious Thai food. I will definitely be going back, especially since they only serve the masaman curry on the weekends, how rude. ^ 

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