Tuesday, October 6, 2015

A Night in Paris

My family came to visit me in London and we just had to make the quick trip over to Paris while they were here. Rough life right? Well here are a few pics that I captured from our first night there. Still working on the whole photography thing :). 

You really just can't get a bad picture of that building can you? ^

This was one of the first sight we saw after coming up from the Metro, I think it made a great first impression on my little sister as it was her first time there. #obsessed ^

 Phil's go-to meal in the Latin Quarter by Notre Dame. I don't even like lamb but I couldn't help but pick at this while Phil wasn't looking ;). ^

 Caught in the act. ^

iphone pic ^ 

We took soooo many pictures while we were here that I'll be breaking up the days and not jamming everything into one blog post like I normally would! 

 photo siggy_zps07ba18a6.png

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