Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Skinny on the Bikini Competition

As some of you know, I am currently in the process of preparing for a fitness (bikini) competition. Why? Because now that gymnastics is over for me, I felt like I needed something to keep me motivated; something to keep me pushing my physical limits and striving to attain goals. I'm seven weeks into my prep and have about 7 weeks to go. It's crazy how much your body can change if you just put in the effort and are consistent with your program. Here's a few pictures of my progress from one week into it versus 7 weeks into my program. Oh and please disregard my sleepy/ugly faces in the pictures :)It was really early.

These are my results from consistency in my eating and in my workouts. I don't know my exact body fat percentage in either of the pictures but I can definitely tell I have gotten leaner within this last month. My diet and work out plan change about every 2 weeks according to what my trainer thinks will be best for me. I'll be periodically posting some of my contest prep progress pictures throughout these next 7 weeks! I can't wait to see my body start changing more and more. The below picture is my motivation and inspiration to keep going!

This spring I worked out at a gym for 3 weeks with my sister. I won a free trial thing so I decided to try it out! This was one of the exercises we did and it kicked my butt! It only takes about 20 minutes max, and anyone can do something for 20 minutes right? Give it a try! It's easy to do at home as no equipment is required. And it'll get your heart rate up and burn fat for sure! I described a few of the exercises so you know how to do it! Time yourself and let me know how fast you do it! If you have any questions feel free to email me! Good luck :)

1. 100 burpees

2. 90 x over jacks (jumping jacks bringing your hand down to your opposite foot in between each jack)

3. 80 high knee touches

4. 70 air squats

5. 60 jumping jacks

6. 50 mountain climbers (100 total) (running in plank position)

7. 40 superman squeezes (lay on your stomach and bring feet and arms out and down)

8. 30 jump squats

9. 20 Spider-Man kicks (like mt climbers but bring your knees out to the side)

10. 10 push-ups

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  1. Love your blog, I just stumbled across it this morning and I am obsessed! i'm also wondering how many days a week you did this workout?

    1. Thanks Brittany! I'm glad you like my blog :) I would do this workout about twice a week, whenever i didn't really have time to go to the gym! Did you try it yet?

    2. Yes I love it.... I work full time and I'm a full time student so finding time to make it to the gym is not easy.
      A work out I can do in my own living room is just what I needed. I have lost 8 lbs already. Thank you so much.

    3. That is so awesome Brittany!! yeah it's always hard to find time to get a workout in, makes it a lot easier if you can do it at home :) I will work on posting more workouts like that!