Sunday, May 17, 2015

My First Cruise

Since I have been traveling so much I figured I may as well post about my experiences! A travel blogger if you will haha. I got to go on this trip for work can you believe it? We flew to Puerto Rico and the next day we took off to the Caribbean. Sooo amazing, everything about it. Here are some iPhone pictures I took while there. I didn't get a ton of pics but these will have to do!

 While everyone else was drinking rum punch I had myself a HUGE coconut water :) ^

 Typical foot post ^

Swimmer is Maaji and from Called to Surf, I'm obsessed (heart eye emoji) ^

I chickened out from jumping off this waterfall, I still regret it ^

 My beautiful sissy Hannah^

 Formal Night for dinner ^

The streets of San Juan Puerto Rico were amazing. ^

Brunch in San Juan.

This was our view while zipping... not bad :) ^

 photo siggy_zps07ba18a6.png

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